Aluminium Boats?

That's Why!

Great Characteristiscs.

Aluminium Boats.

Aluminum boats offer exceptional versatility, durability, and speed. Their lightweight design allows for higher speeds with lower fuel consumption, and safety features like welded hull connections and unsinkable Styrodur interiors ensure peace of mind on the water.


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Great Characteristiscs.

That's why Aluminium is the better Choice:

Durable, lightweight and sustainable – there are goods reasons why aluminium has established itself as a boat building material. AluForce boats are built exclusively of aluminium AlMg4.5, a very strong, stainless and seawater-resistant alloy of aluminium and magnesium. With their excellent stress resistance and ride properties, they are also much less costly to maintain than wooden, steel or GRP boats.


GRP/ Plastic



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