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Explorer Line

The AluForce Explorer product line, like all AluForce model lines, is characterized by the aluminum material used (AlMg4.5). All hull parts are double welded from the inside and outside. In addition to our other models, the hull is filled with buoyancy bodies made of aluminum and filled with special foam. Even if the boat should run full of water, it cannot sink but remains floating on the surface due to the built-in buoyancy (as in the inflatable boat) and thus offers absolute safety.

Fisher Line

All of our Fisher series AluForce boats are designed to have a large buoyancy reserve. Large under-floor chambers filled with PU foam act like a life ring, keeping the boat afloat in case of water ingress. This is exactly the extra safety we offer our customers. All of our boats in the Fisher product line have a self-flooding keel that allows a large volume of water to enter the center section of the hull, which provides additional weight in the lower section when at rest. Combined with the large width of the boat and the large negative chines, this makes for a very stable position as a fishing platform. During acceleration, the self-flooding keel deflates quickly, so you don’t have to carry extra weight around to save fuel.

Worker Line

Just like all Aluforce product lines the Worker Line features one of the most stable and at the same time lightest hulls on the market. The Worker Line boats are extremely low maintenance and are mostly used as „work boats“.  They can be equipped with a ramp hatch in the bow and are available in different sizes and loading capacities. All Worker Line models are available in two different hull shapes, with and without keel, in order to be able to sail in very shallow waters. The type of superstructure, whether with console or cabin, is also freely selectable. The deck layout and superstructure can be customized according to the customer’s wishes.

Catamaran Line

The Catamaran product line features two hulls. These boats are absolutely stable in the water and sail calmly and safely even in high waves. The space is much larger compared to the mono hull and thus offers more possibilities to make the interior usable. Like all other product lines of AluForce boats, catamarans have all the features that characterize the boats. A great advantage of the Catamaran is the low flow resistance of the individual submerged hulls with a large length-to-width ratio. This is especially true for high boat speeds. 

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